Georgia Nyama Chama

July 26, 2018 / Comments Off on Georgia Nyama Chama

Fun and Activities Social Event

We always want to pack as many new experiences and challenges into a day as possible and the Georgia Nyama Choma Event was nothing short of bliss and excitement. The Kemen did not disappoint as they came in large numbers to make this day a success.

There is much more to be gained in every kemen meeting and event. Doing something more cohesive and productive than the usual makes for a more positive man. There is definitely something special about a group of men engaging in team activities that really encapsulates and celebrates all the hard work and effort put into our daily lives.

Some people tend to think that when men get together, they’re always up to something. Yep, the men in GA were up to something. These guys wanted to change that idea by showing what actually happens. We bonded, we fellowshipped, we had loads of personal experiences to chat about, in addition, chatted the way forward for Kemen GA. The Weather was awesome.

God Strengthen and Bless these great Kenyan Men.

Umoja ni nguvu, utengano ni udhaifu (unity is strength, disunity is a weakness)