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Augustine Masikonde


What We are Offering
Editor and Coordinator of Mentor & Leadership Blog.

The Mentor and Leadership blog is an initiative of KEMEN’s Secretariat. Its purpose is to educate and share leadership practices that help develop and link communities. Consequently, the “Mentor and Leadership Link Tips” webpage provides members with a forum to discuss and educate each other on matters of how to engage and link communities for faster development. Inspiration and stories of people who have taken simple steps to link people across communities are featured from time to time in the hope that others will be encouraged to take similar steps so as to improve our communities. If you see something, say something can similarly apply to “if you know something do something to link and lift others in your community. Therefore, you are welcome to ask any questions, share comments, and most importantly, participate in the spirit of KEMEN.

To provide a platform where members can freely share ideas, discuss, and learn from each other on how to lead through action.

What to Expect
⦁ Monthly article on leadership and community link.
⦁ Monthly question and answer on current issues.
⦁ Weekly town hall style virtual video conversations

Contact Information

Email: 254diasporastrong@gmail.com

Skype: Skype KEMEN