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What I am Offering
Editor and Coordinator Legal Advise Blog.


The Legal Advise blog is an initiative of KEMEN’s Secretariat. Its purpose is to educate and share best practices to legal issues. As a community, we face many challenges that sometimes may require Legal advice. How we handle these issues, nature, privacy, the context requires professionalism and sensitivity. The Legal Advice blog focus on this and tips that support and create awareness on a legal issue. The social group will encourage us to be our own keeper and brother’s keeper. Please share your inspiration and stories, the simple steps to challenge your status quo. Through this others will be encouraged to take similar steps so as to improve our communities. If you feel empowered, blessed or unhappy or excited say something so we can lift others in your community and we can learn from each other. Therefore, you are welcome to ask any questions, share comments, and most importantly, participate in the spirit of KEMEN.


To provide a platform where members can freely share ideas, discuss, and learn from each other on how to participate actively and proactively in a Legal Advise programs.


What to Expect
⦁ Frequent article on legal advise
⦁ Engaging question and answer on current issues.
⦁ Regular Town hall style virtual video conversations


Contact Information
Skype: Skype KEMEN