No To Depression

September 10, 2018 / Comments Off on No To Depression

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Say YES to Happiness and NO to Depression. Sadness is a normal emotion, and we all feel it at certain times in life. There are many factors that lead sadness to depression.

Sadness Creeps In. When we become depressed, sadness begins to take control of how we think about finding joy or delight and moves us to avoid emotional pain. Our thoughts become less based on reality, and more based on the inside world of our depression. Cognitive-Behavioral Psychologists call these thoughts “cognitive distortions.” The depression whispers to us “That won’t be fun. You’re depressed, and things aren’t fun anymore, and neither are you. People are better off if you just stay home and don’t bring them down.”

Depressive Thoughts Take Control. These thoughts turn out to be extremely authentic, and as the discouragement promotes control over us, we quit searching out others, and limit (or end) activities that used to be fun. The cognitive distortions take control of what we do, and slowly over time, our rewards in life erode—we become controlled by avoiding our predicted disappointment or rejection. Reward erosion takes control, and as it does, life REALLY becomes a depression. We encounter life as vacant and ailing in satisfaction, since now life SEEMS unfilled and does not have any good times. Life becomes depressing in reality. Even if we have a moment of fun or fulfillment, we don’t pay attention to it—we focus on the pain and depressing ideas.

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