Our conference call on 4/23/19.

KEMEN Saying no to depression.

What is the effect of violent video games and social media have cellphones replaced parenting?

Use of cell phone leads to access to violent video and causing the violence and auto parenting has been thought to be nice but causing the electronics is making a dangerous trend and disconnect among the family.

Effects of violent video games from the parent: parents should be responsible by knowing the games purchased. Connecting with their family over sees. It is not a negative impact if you have parental control and the games purchased. Parental Control is the key to get a positive outcome. Video game used to interact with the family. Parental control governor the use, language, hours, which they are playing with, scam through the wi-fi and know the audience.

Please as parents avoid buying the TV and placing in the children room. Put a TV in the common room

parent referred title The new childhood by Jordan Shapiro available books

How does a couple of experience of depression?


Most of the time is one at a time. There is a lack of one not knowing what they are going through. Lack of communication is common, especially in men.

One doesn’t want to spend time with the other. Doesn’t go to church, visit family.

Yelling out on the kids

Short fuse gets the kids quite, sleep a lot, don’t want to be bothered.

Low energy no interest in sex, lack of self-care, personal hygiene.

Women might have decreased concentration, losing money burning food, can be lack of enough sleep, lack of sleep.

Weight gain.

Loosing too much weight

Sleeping too much, working lees or losing a job, fire from work.

Working too much use this as a way to escape.

Complaining about pain in women fibromyalgia pain caused by nerve pain due to depression. Pain can cause one not be able to work.

Women can have tension and migraine headache.

Lack of interest with sex. Spouse lack of interest in sex.

Lack of joy and an increase in drug use.

2 pastors committed suicide in 6 months, how can clinicians assist the clergy to avoid depressions in our current.

Death is an appointment from God.

Death termination of life. Life is terminated somewhere in the middle.

Don’t be depressed and lose hope for tomorrow.

Don’t lose the meaning of life anymore.

There is something they could not open up to.

The bible is our weapon to resist the devil and he will flee.

Repent to avoid condemnation

There was a power pushing them or order in them to do it.

Lack of dealing with the root cause of death.

Causes of depression.

Chemical 😞 alcoholism, drugs abuse) due to peer pressure. Due to not want to be seen as not manageable, am not in control, social stigma. To hide something.

Physical: due to illness, injury, head injury especially in the children playing sports, physical abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence.

Emotional: Grieve failure somewhere and cause one to hide and avoid, less active, unable to handle life here in America compared to life in Kenya, stress, poor self-esteem.

Genetic: can be visible when a person presents constantly sad constantly depressed, open to family history of depression, cystic fibrosis causes depression.

Can be all at the same times.

To help allow people to say am hurting.

Allow people to say am going through something.

Find the root cause of depression.

Finding the cause of depression

1. Available to provide resource or guidance
2. If you notice change say something
3. Avoid blaming and condemnation of the person but provide support to guide during the depression.
4. Be proactive
5. Look concern
6. More interested in the general wellbeing of the person.
7. Check on one another
8. Give each other permission to talk about our current situation.
9. Stop reminding the person of their past causing them to feel down or referred to a family history of depression.

How do we educate Christian about depression?

People who go to church are also broken, people.

Can a Christian get depression? Yes Corinthians, eg Elijah after jezebel threat, David committed sin and lost Hope.

How do we wake up when we don’t feel like saying halleluiah

We should have responded to our trial and tribulation. We have our Jesus Christ our gift to revive and stand strong.

Christian should get out of our shell to open up and speak our situation.

We need to reach the house to one another

As Christians, we should seek medical help when needed to avoid masking all is well.

Renew your mind every day with the word of Lord.

Have correct identity in Jesus Christ and be checking on one another.

Have the heart of the forgiveness

Be honest and acceptance of one who is low and encourage them and hold each other accountable.

Create a safe place when we have issues. (Ministers to attend suicide, depression conference to provide a resource to the members).

Encouraged an emergency number for the members to reach out or call for parents and children.

1-800-273-8255 keep a person alive.