Depression and Alcoholism

April 24, 2019 / Comments Off on Depression and Alcoholism

Dual diagnosis: Depression and Alcoholism.

Suicide prevention life line 1-800-273-8255

Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problem.

Dual diagnosis: depression and alcoholism. A person has mental illness and alcohol use or drug problem. This means one needs to seek treatment for 2 Issues. Issues take time to set in. Allow time to seek treatment & to recover.

The diaspora is suffering from Alcoholism…which can lead to depression. Vice versa.

s/s: aggressive, abusive, after grieving from illness, loss of a family member or being diagnosed with HIV, fear of what is next, peer pressure.

There is a lack of fear of facing the problem and turning to easy fix or solution.

Mental illness: the body is weak, hiding from the family.


1. Death
2. Miss manage of finances
3. The community suffers
4. Healing requires support from the community. Avoid leaving the person alone.

Signs of depression and alcoholism in men
1. Quite
2. Isolation
3. Aggressive behavior
4. Excessive use of alcohol
5. Emotional spiritual physical abuse due to low self-esteem.
6. Suicide
7. Misinformation of diseases eg HIV
8. Discrimination at the place of work unable to speak up.
9. Social pressure from peers.
10. Undercover sexual orientation eg gender undercover.
11. The economic failure of intellectual failure.
12. Anxiety.

Treatment options for dual diagnosis

1. Seek expert for counseling on different topics.
2. Bible for resource and strength your belief.
3. Where there is failure have a plan or strategy to rise up.
4. Don’t avoid the community while going through the tough times.
5. Group discussion in Churches to support the over NAFME for mental illness groups have free registration.
6. Find out the cause of the symptoms such as fear, depression e.g cocaine depression makes ppl feel good. Pain medications can be due to emotional pain.
7. Suicide: angry frustrated, hallucinations can be spiritual war (Audio & visual hallucinations are hallmarks of Mental Illness, like Schizophrenia). Sometimes Medication is not treating the root cause. Find the cause.
8. Abuse: anger can be treated by forgiveness.
9. Addiction to God is the only who can heal our sickness. Dry Fasting can cure any addiction (If on medication consult with your Dr. Before starting a Dry fast).
10. Pain can be treated by OTC but check with your PCP and pharmacist.
11. Counseling – TeleMental Health (Text a Therapist – by Licensed & Board Certified MH providers) counseling is available to assist in providing guidance and support to the person & their family.

Teenagers are crying out for the parents to be involved in their lives.

1. Teach Teens to know who they are. Let’s honor where we are.
2. Let’s reset our priorities as we are here in this country.
Parents be active in the life of teenagers. Help them choose friends, college roommates, college majors and don’t ignore stay alert due to the times and challenges that are presented our teenagers at this time.
Counselors are available in middle school, high school and college (at no cost, as, long as one is currently enrolled as a student).
Alcohol is very easy to get access to teenagers and youth.

“Mental Health Discussion/Depression and /Preventing Suicide.
Disclaimer: Information & discussion should not replace Doctor’s & Therapist’s requirements for treatment ⤵ (Disciplinary Team Treatment Plan requirements. We are volunteers discussing how to remove the stigma so that people can get help.

One person who dies as a result of suicide is one person too many because Suicide can be prevented.
Key Points:
Description: ⏺Keep a person alive
Description: ⏺Help is available.
Description: ⏺ Resources are available in the USA.
Description: ⏺Forgiveness without blame 4 those who suffer.

🛑Know, this is especially important for Preachers. Need to know when to Pray & when to get medical help. God uses both. I usually say pray while driving to the hospital (When a person cannot tell the difference, between, MH and Demons, refer the person to MH Providers. It is better to be wrong in referring to a person than to be sorry. Know when you are not equipped to handle certain issues).


1. The Parent is An advocate for Children and Adolescents. Pre School to High School graduation.
2. The school’s Agenda includes teaching an inclusive Sex Education, and LGBTQ Curriculum.
3. The Parent has A Right to Review the Sex Education curriculum AND TO OPT-OUT.
4. The Parent has a Right and issues consent for Children/Adolescent in Therapy.
5. The parent doesn’t have to be included in the session but can ask to be. Especially for, minor children 4 years to 17 years.
7. The Parent can request to have a copy of The Counselors Treatment. Plan (disciplinary team of Therapist or counselor, Social worker, Psychiatrist or Psychologist, Pharmacist, and Office Manager).
8. A school counselor or school social worker needs consent to see a child, but the parent doesn’t need to be there. For example, In case the abuser is the parent 👀 wacha utashitakwa…or another relative.

Disclaimer: These are Opinions and suggestions are those of individual presenters. Although they are professionals in their Area of expertize/their suggestions should never replace your doctor’s requirements for treatment. Please follow up with treatment with your doctor or MH provider. If you don’t have one, please ask. Presenters will be glad to recommend and let the individual decide for themselves or for their family.