Depression in Couples

June 25, 2019 / Comments Off on Depression in Couples

Depression in couples should be viewed in the context of adults and where they are developmental.

My area of specialty is from a developmental. In general, Depression in young and middle-aged adults can be caused by Chemical causes, Physical causes, Genetic causes, or environmental, & Social causes.

Pressures to have a successful family life.
Work. Finances. Infertility. Intellectual/Academic failure.
In Diaspora, men are affected more coz of the inability to transition or transfer job skills from Africa to the USA. African men being treated like their counterparts – their predecessors-African American

Social life/Left peer or cohort group back home – loneliness.
Anxiety & frustration.
Failed relationships.

Isolation from supportive relatives-wife depends on husband and for everything…that can be tough, same with a wife who expects the husband to be like a God for emotional, social and spiritual support

Failing Youthful beauty and strength
Men are also more affected by lack of employment because of social expectations to be a provider.

Death of parents/ siblings/Children
And if there is alcohol addiction or other substance use.

Depending on age/Facing an empty nest.
Failing health or Chronic illness.

Best is to have a couple evaluate what is triggering depression.

Women need to mind about hormonally related depression…
Women are affected by depression twice as often as men. For example for women. Biological, social causes, psychological & even Reproductive issues. Those older during pre & post-menopause.

Many women can be vulnerable after childbirth, due to changes that take place during this time, which can lead to postpartum depression.

We discussed causes of depression in our first 2 months/Me Christine, had recorded it/In earlier discussions.

*This post is Issued with a disclaimer/the information I share should not be substituted for medical assessments counseling or treatment requirements. Nor used in any other setting, except for what it is requested by KEMEN.*by Rev Wambûi Njoroge. M.Sci./Child & Family Studies.