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Depression: 19 to 34 years most high risk.

Suicide is permanent

Difference between America and back in Kenya

1. Too much pressure
2. Work-life balance
3. Not making enough income
4. Little too outlet for sharing what you are going through
5. Not taking care of our selves
6. Too much going on in our life.
7. What are my priorities?
8. Being lonely.
9. Conflict of cultures
10. We community change to I
11. Raised as Christian and have conflict outside Christian values.
12. Lack of time to socialize due to too much work.

Seek medical attention; know the symptoms and when to seek help.
Find the cause of depression resolve it to get better.
The mind is the government brain is a politician.
Mental illness is easier to treat.
Parents know your options the school resources commitment.

Be loved, affirmed, have to switch coat and middle-class values in America

KEMEN depression discussion

Prevent suicide by removing stigma

Suicide prevention life line 1-800-273-8255

Depression is a treatable condition with appropriate care.

It’s easier to work with a young man than a broken man. Executive authority man from the African culture.

Men are a strong pillar in the community. If we see women in places is due to the lack of a man in their position

Suicide is preventable.

Depression is a culprit to suicide. Can happen to anyone if recognize the symptoms seek treatment.

Things to do to avoid holiday stress. To keep stress level down during the holiday.

Let’s identify our issues and solve them one at a time. Sympathetic about depression and suicide risk.

Explore how depression is treated.

1. If not treated can cause suicide. Can create a sense of hopelessness, not loved.

2. Can be treated with medication, psychotherapy, electroconvulsive therapy, spiritual component. Christian suffers from depression and is a human experience.

3. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary situation.

4. Committing suicide can be caused by too much pain. Know the symptoms, be alert caregiver, depression irritated, outburst, depression anxious, alcohol excessively to soothe the pain, withdraw from activities, isolation. Learn people around you if you the changes seek for assistance support the person.

5. If a person is experiencing this your presence and guiding this person to the right resources. Help one another.

6. Medication to treat depression people are afraid to take this medication. Sometimes medication is for a short time to manage your symptoms as you identify the stressors. These medications take around 21 days to be effective and help a person to function better. Depression due to alcohol or use illegal drugs. Medication learns to manage the symptoms. Follow your physician’s treatment regimen to maintain your symptoms. If medications don’t work let your Dr know so they can make a medication change.

7. If developing any side effects of the medications let your physician know so they can switch or change your medications. Your Dr. may require you to give blood prior to start your medications.

8. Case consultation from consular they have resources and guidance to help they are cheaper and also have sessions to help manage. Life coach to help balance life issues.

9. Medications can be present in your Dr. Follow up with appointments and give self-time. For the medication to work need to have good nutrition, exercise regularly to compacts side effects. Effects such as weight gain or loss, feeling like a zombie. Don’t isolate yourself from the community.

10. Psychotherapy: treating emotions, self-worth. Report of 30% increase in suicide due to family demands, economic demand children demand at school. How are we treating one another? Every one of us has a value for us in the community. I AM because you ARE. Put a value on everyone regardless of their appearance education or achievements. Everyone is praying a role. Motivate people I value who you are. Don’t deprive your children or favor one more than the other. Check where you put value on people. Loving people through compassion.

11. Being overly supportive can cause the person to be down or more control over how the person should feel.

12. Depression is a battle the person has to be able to fight and go through the healing process knows they have a person they can trust.

13. Honoring someone space, time if they need to be left alone just send them a funny text or something they like. Check when one is getting too far to avoid the person soaking in the too danger zone and destruction is important to get out of the deep thought. When left too long alone can cause suicidal thoughts. I identify the person’s strengths and encourage the person.

Christine Gakanga shared; WHAT DO YOU DO to maintain chronic rheumatoid arthritis?

1. Being ambitious person regardless of the pain. Drove to California 5 times, Newjersy 2 times,
2. Belief in God regardless of the physician report
3. Belief through me that there is a treatment for this disease and God has my back and I will leave to see the cure.
4. Being positive.
5. Recognize if am going to depression focus on good things going in my life I can move, am Gods creation and here for a purpose.


Suicide stigma: the person went to hell. Who are we to judge? Avoid condemnation of people by judging other people.

No one is left behind alone during the holiday season.

Things to do to avoid holiday stress. To keep stress level down during the holiday

1. don’t be left alone
2. no over complying or over doing or worry a lot,
3. plan ahead
4. Balance and maintain your lifestyle.

Issues need to be discussed raised by the
1. Family struggles for drug, alcohol abuse.
2. How do we educate Christians about depression in our churches
3. Can we say depression is spiritual and chemical
4. How do you help someone who is in depression and have shut down and isolate eg (do little things to show them you care, get them something they like something that is funny) something to lift the spirit up since they don’t want to be bothered.