Mr. George Chegge,
Lead: Financial Literacy

What I am Offering
Volunteer editor and coordinator of KEMEN’s financial literacy blog.
The financial literacy blog is an initiative of KEMEN’s leadership. Its purpose is to improve financial literacy among men. Consequently, the “My Money Tips” webpage provides members with a forum to discuss and educate each other on matters pertaining to budgeting, investing, taxation, accounting, and just about anything concerning money. Irrespective of who we are, and on which step of the economic ladder we find ourselves on, there is always something to learn and something to teach. As the saying goes, “the largest room in the world is room for improvement”. Therefore, feel free to ask any questions, post comments, and share money-saving and money-making tips as we help each other improve financially. The success of our financial literacy blog depends on your participation.

To provide a forum where members can freely exchange ideas, discuss, teach, and inform each other about money and personal finance.

What to Expect
⦁ Bi-weekly article on personal finance and/or money
⦁ Bi-weekly edited Question and Answer posts
⦁ Comments from members related to posted articles
⦁ Money-making and money-saving tips posted by members
⦁ Monthly financial literacy quiz or survey

Contact Information
Skype: Skype KEMEN