The purpose of Kenyan Men Empowerment Network (KEMEN)is to promote the civic welfare (to include, but not be limited to, social, economic, environmental, public safety, quality of life, and heritage issues/concerns).

The strategy is to ensure Kenyan men in the diaspora find a leaning shoulder and someone to guide them through in facing the various issues one faces when living in the diaspora. By traditional and societal measures of success, men (boy child)are slipping away. They are underrepresented in the higher education and have been disproportionately affected by the economic downturn.
 1. Marketing
The group will be marketed on social media and other avenues to let the interested individuals know of its existence. Members who live in diaspora are encouraged to join to get the benefits of teamwork and collaboration. Social media campaigns will be launched both in the diaspora and in Kenya to let individuals traveling abroad to know about the group and the benefits of joining.
2. Rules and Regulations
The group will be closed but open to all Kenyan men to join as long as one is living in diaspora and has Kenyan roots either by birth or roots.Members will be free to share their knowledge, experiences, wisdom and encourage one another.
Members must steer away from political and religious discussions and arguments to ensure that everyone is accommodated.
Anyone who posts , starts discussion or shares material that is politically biased or motivated, religious offensive to the other’s beliefs, ponographic, threatening or derogatory materials will be immediately blocked or deleted from the group.
3. Know each other
Members are encouraged to know each other as unity is strength. Moreover, where there is teamwork , great things can be achieved. The group will create an avenue where people can interact and share ideas getting to know each other better and forge collaborations that are mutually beneficial. It will be easier to find a mentors to offer guidance on how to deal with various issues.
4. Communication.
Communication will be through social media platforms such as facebook and twitter to allow members share idea. It is also easier to communicate on these platforms due to the distance and keep in touch with everyone.
Meeting will also be held on quarterly basis to allow members to meet and discuss important issues that affect them. This will allow us to engage in activities that generate knowledge and application for effective practice and foster interdisciplinary approaches to address challenges Kenyan men face in diaspora.
5. Organizations structure.
The structure comprise of the group administrators who will be responsible for regulating the conduct of members as well as other operations of the group.
The group chairperson will be responsible for running of the group and ensuring that the issues of concern are addressed. The secretary will be responsible for ensuring all the communications in the group are timely updated.
6.Conferences and Workshops
We will be having main annual conference and mini conferences in two main chapters.We will also be carrying out workshops.