It’s this time of year that we start to assess how 2020 has gone so far and what we have done. 2020 was the year we asked, “why?” While “coronavirus” was the top trending search worldwide, we also asked questions like “why is it called covid-19?” and “why is mental health important?” more than ever before. So many of us stayed home, we looked for ways to connect, support, and understand each other. Looking ahead to 2021, there’s one thing we know for sure: We’ll keep going.

The year has been full of exciting and thought-provoking moments for Kemen members. KEMEN is a Diaspora movement of men that are looked upon as men of impact in all fields. We aim at empowering men to believe in themselves and equip them with tools of knowledge through workshops and conferences, to enable them to attain the grandest height possible. Men empowerment is the core of sustainable development, wellness, stability, and progressive societies anywhere in the world and as such KEMEN is on track.

2020 Kemen Summit
On 27th June 2020, we hosted the Annual Kemen Summit via the zoom platform. Speaker, after speaker, gave diversified views on ways and means on how to empower and improve the lives of all men in the Diaspora. It was a rare special occasion where a diverse group of visionary Diaspora leaders chosen from business, Mentorship, Financial guidance, Religious, Literacy, Motivation, Immigration experts, Education, Health, Wellness, and many others gave speeches on their areas of expertise.


Monthly Awareness Forum

Month after month we held our online conference calls and discussions among Kemen members and Mental Health Stars where key experts provided their insights in plenary sessions and facilitated the debate on current topics ranging from addiction, mental health awareness, Alcohol, and Substance Abuse and many more. Other topics discussed along the year include;

Promoting Positive Mental Health
Bridging the gap between races
Best way to manage feelings during Covid Pandemic
Coping with the changing times
How to strengthen family units
Suicide Prevention
Families coping with covid pandemic

KEMEN needs all men to work together to pursue a sustainable path that leads to the economic growth of the communities that they reside in here in America and still, extend the same even further to our motherland. While doing so, they are aware that there are many challenges in order to fully be the custodian of social justice, economic, health, education, wellness, and even political stewardship.


Here is our 2020 journey;











































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