To all Kenyan Men, in the diaspora, 254 Kemen is your home away from home. There is no doubt that it can get immensely difficult for one to adjust to the unique culture of the US.

Try Getting a Secured Card

If you just moved here for work or school, you want to make sure you’re financially stable. One important aspect of financial stability is having credit. Your U.S. credit score will affect many of your endeavors, including renting, purchasing insurance, and finding a job.

Learn about US culture

You need to take the responsibility of learning and understanding what the dynamics of the culture around here. A good way to do this is by using the internet and trying to familiarize yourself with environments that showcase what the culture of the US is like.

it’s not so different
It is highly probable that you were already exposed to facets of US culture even before you moved here but adjusting isn’t as difficult as it seems.

Be part of Kenyan Men Empowerment Network and we will help you settle in comfortably and be part of a community. KEMEN community is us, for us and about us, so lets KEMEN – let’s *Talk About Us, Communicate with Us, Know Us. Since being part of that’s how I feel. I am meeting a friend and getting to know and understand men, me, us. So lets KEMEN