To all Kenyan Men, in the diaspora, 254 Kemen is your home away from home. There is no doubt that it can get immensely difficult for one to adjust to the unique culture of the US. Try Getting a Secured Card If you just moved here for work or school, you want to make sure you’re financially stable. One important aspect of financial stability is having credit. Your U.S. credit score will affect many of your endeavors, including renting, purchasing insurance, and finding a job.


The first thing you MUST do before leaving home for the US is to ensure that your accommodation is confirmed. Confirm and reconfirm that the person/people hosting you are reliable.

Students On Visas

If you have a college education from Kenya, consider getting your education evaluated by World Education Services (W.E.S) to match it to the US system. This will also help transfer credits so that you do not have to take unnecessary classes or start from scratch. There is a fee associated with the evaluation of credits.


Ensure that you get transcripts/report cards from your child’s school with each class/grade listed and subjects taken in each class. This will help you ensure that your children are placed in the right grade in the US and also that they don’t repeat classes.

Learn about US culture You need to take the responsibility of learning and understanding the dynamics of the culture around here. A good way to do this is by using the internet and trying to familiarize yourself with environments that showcase what the culture of the US is like. it’s not so different It is highly probable that you were already exposed to facets of US culture even before you moved here but adjusting isn’t as difficult as it seems.


Please educate yourself on when you can call 911. Misuse of 911 can lead to trouble with the law. Review online at
Money and Credit
Educate yourself by reviewing important information about credit in the US provided by the Federal Trade Commission online. In addition to the Federal Trade Commission, the following links have important information on various topics tied to finances. From Retirement Planning, Life Insurance, Home Ownership, etc. Educate yourself and make a sound judgment.
The website offers free information about US currency.  Review online at or
The U.S. has four seasons in most states. Learn more at or
Find information about services provided by the government for free or low cost online at
You will need to apply for a social security number at the local social security administration. Review requirements online at
Do a google search for your state using keywords Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Driver Services. Please note ALL department of driver services websites end with.GOV
Credential Evaluations
World Evaluation Systems (WES)- provides credential evaluations for international students and immigrants planning to study or work in the U.S. and Canada
For business ideas and resources on entrepreneurship, access information online at
Reach out to community outreach programs like Catholic Charities for assistance. You can search for one close to your area by entering the zip code you live in.
Be part of Kenyan Men Empowerment Network and we will help you settle in comfortably and be part of a community. KEMEN community is us, for us and about us, so lets KEMEN – let’s *Talk About Us, Communicate with Us, Know Us. Since being part of that’s how I feel. I am meeting a friend and getting to know and understand men, me, us. So lets KEMEN

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