Youth and Opportunities


What I am Offering
Editor and Coordinator Youth and Opportunities Blog.


The Youth and Opportunity blog is an initiative of KEMEN’s Secretariat. Its purpose is to engage and inspire the youth in the community and share and learn best practices to assist them to succeed. Our youth are the anchor of our community and our future leaders. What happens to our youth reflect what we are doing right and wrong as a community. Their challenges are our challenges; their pain is our pain; they happiness is our happiness. The Youth and Opportunities blog focus on enabling youth empowerment and engagement so that when the time we need to pass that button, we will do it with confidence and smiles. Please share your inspiration and stories, the simple steps to challenge your status quo. Through this others will be encouraged to take similar steps so as to improve our communities. If you feel empowered, blessed or unhappy or excited say something so we can lift others in your community and we can learn from each other. Therefore, you are welcome to ask any questions, share comments, and most importantly, participate in the spirit of KEMEN.


To provide a platform where members can freely share ideas, discuss, and learn from each other on how the youth and actively and proactively participants in issues that affect our communities.


What to Expect
⦁ Frequent article on Youth and Opportunities.
⦁ Engaging question and answer on current issues.
⦁ Regular Town hall style virtual video conversations


Contact Information
Skype: Skype KEMEN